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CLA eAGM 2017 – Board Nomination Form

 Posted by on 20 February 2017  Comments Off on CLA eAGM 2017 – Board Nomination Form

All financial members are entitled to stand for the Board of Directors (for a guide to duties/time/effort required of Board Members, see below). Elections are conducted every two years in accordance with the constitution.

Current Board Members are entitled to stand again in 2017 and it is expected most will re-nominate. Details of the current Board Members are available here.

To nominate for a Board vacancy, there are three requirements and an option:

  • a member must be in good standing and financial, and not barred by legislative provisions;
  • the nomination must be seconded;
  • a member must provide a statement of 300 words or fewer in relation to their background, expertise and candidacy. Statements will be edited to a maximum of 300 words; and
  • Candidates may provide a head and shoulders photo of themselves by email to the Secretary or attaching it to the form below.

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