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After much anticipation the letter arrived. I opened it and read the question a first time.

I then wasted time, yelling abuse across the room and acting like a schoolyard bully by calling out childish names. At one point I nearly had to remove myself from the room. My lap dogs seemed amused.

After reading the question a second time I sat doing nothing from four minutes apart from ringing a bell.

I then locked the lounge room door to tick one box. Having performed the duties required of a politician, I resumed my normal adult demeanour.

I now look forward to receiving, in the mail, my parliamentary entitlement.

– Jeff Bradley, CLA member, Isaacs ACT

T’woo, T’wit: how Trump dominated

Why does Donald Trump’s popularity remains solid among his supporters? Until 2015, it was the mainstream news media (MSN) that made or unmade parties and political leaders in democratic nations. The MSN expressed its abhorrence of

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Polish crisis goes on, media stays silent

One of the pivotal events in contemporary European history seems to have largely bypassed Australia. The event is the constitutional crisis in Poland. Simply put: last week, Poland’s parliament lower and upper house passed three laws

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Dutton’s super-iority is dangerous oddity

Most Australians will agree with Greg Sheridan’s opinion piece (“Rushed decision on home affairs could very quickly turn out to be a mistake”, The Australian 22/7/2017) highlighting several serious concerns of national importance. My concern is

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Same-same all untouchables

Editor: Despite India liberating untouchables (who live in ghettos) the practice continues. The ABC is airing the BBC’s ‘Joanna Lumley’s India’.  In the program, she visits an untouchable mother whose son had been killed.  Why? Her untouchable son

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Australian Constitution is a secular text

Kevin Donnelly’s criticism of the predominant view that Australia is not a Christian country is based on spurious arguments (‘Let’s not deny our Christian roots’, Australian, 15/6). Australia has Christian roots in the sense that it was colonised by

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Spooks should move to Russia, Egypt

Someone should “politely” suggest to ASIO spooks that they move to Putin’s Russia or Abdel Fattah al-Sisi’s Egypt where their requests for coercive powers would be readily granted (“Spies eye broader powers”, June 13, p1-2,

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Lessons from a Labour loss…

Peter Hartcher argues that Anthony Albanese could be, like Jeremy Corbyn, the candidate of ‘authenticity’ (‘Why Albanese benefits from UK result’ SMH 13 June pages 16-17). This misunderstands the Corbyn phenomenon in the UK. His authenticity

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