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In October 2016, what was then the largest drug haul for 2016 was achieved when approximately one tonne of crystal MDMA was saved from entering the community. At the end of December 2016, 500 kilograms of cocaine was halted in NSW and 600 kilograms was intercepted in Tahiti. Most recently a boat was intercepted off the coast of Tasmania carrying 186 kilograms of cocaine (“Arrests follow seizure of cocaine”, Canberra Times, 19 Jan, p14).

No matter the size of drug seizures, the amount of drugs on the streets continually increases. One would think if seizures were having a positive impact that they would decrease over time but data collected by the AFP shows this not to be so. The AFP annual reports state that in 2009-10 drug seizures were 1244.9 kilograms, but in 2015-16 they were 9528.5 kilograms.

Whether so much money should be allotted to a system that is making little real impact surely deserves government attention. Alternative strategies such as decriminalisation and sharing the available resources more equitably with health deserve a trial.

– M. McConnell, CLA member, Giralang ACT

Luxury is having time and money to debate

Editor, Canberra Times: While Australia’s social & political elites bicker over whether the cost of providing paid domestic violence leave is economically bearable or unbearable, it is an entirely irrelevant issue to the increasing number

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Need to help people to go straight

To the Editor Letters, The West Australian: I refer to your article titled ‘Triggs tell firm to pay compo to drug dealer’  (p6 TWA 23 Nov 2016). I feel that the Human Rights Commissioner’s decisions, even though

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Keeping the terrorists out of Parl House

In secret, the Governent is planning to surround Parliament with a razor-wire fence (like they use in their offshore refugee prison camps). To protect Parliament from terrorists, police will be armed with machine guns. There would be

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Creating real jobs is a solution

It concerns me that disempowered people are starting to put their faith in the extreme right in Australia also, which will only make their lives worse. I don’t think that the fault lies with globalisation or

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TPP needs a good dose of Round-up

Dear Sir/Ms:  There are flaws in the Trans-Pacific Partnership agreement (“TPP ratification is far from certain”, Canberra Times, October 30, p19). The biggest flaw reverses centuries of self-rule in which sovereign nations make laws and

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Politics bitter sweet, need a new core

Ross Fitzgerald’s proposition that the destabilisation of Malcolm Turnbull is starting (PM’s left-right dilemma”, Canberra Times Comment, 3 October, p16) is probably very close to the mark. Australian politics is a poisonous concoction of the

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Equality makes us happy

The recognition of ‘marriage equality’ has been dragging on for a long time. If the gay and the lesbian people live a peaceful life together without harming others, it’s a relief for our society as

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Humanity is not ever one-sided only

Garry Linnell neatly sums up the attitude behind every act of genocide, torture, rape, and brutality the world has endured. “We should have no qualms about executing people like Peter Scully if found guilty because

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