Aged care: inquiry should focus on ‘people’ not ‘consumers’

Civil Liberties Australia has taken issue with the language used in a parliamentary inquiry into the Quality of Care in Residential Aged Care Facilities in Australia. “We note that the Terms of Reference refer to ‘residents’ and ‘consumer protection’, rather than referring to ‘people’, ‘older Australians’ or ‘citizens’. In this language lies the danger of treating older Australians merely as “profit units” for an industry portrayed in the public perception as ‘caring’, because of its links to churches and the like, but which is in truth as hard-nosed and bottom line-driven as any other, “ CLA has told the inquiry. Click for CLA’s submission

‘Slavery’ act needs broadening: CLA

Australia should enact a new modern slavery law, as the UK has done, but their Act can be improved says Fiona Gerry QC, author of the CLA submission to parliament. 21 June 2017

ChAFTA: hoodwinking the people

Blue-sky boosters talk up trade agreements, but the reality is fewer jobs, less training and safety, plus loss of legal sovereignty as most battling Aussies miss out on benefits.             2 Sept 2015

Search and ye shall not find…

Police wanted new firearm search powers desperately to fight gun proliferation in Sydney, so why did 642 special searches not find one firearm? The Ombudsman is investigating.     21 Aug 2015

Possible crimes need investigating

Paying cash to people-smuggling crews appears to break several Australian laws, CLA says in a submission to a parliamentary inquiry, working from un-contradicted media reports.  22 July 2015

CLA urges compelling-only appeal test

In a welcome initiative, Tasmania is reviewing how people who may be wrongly convicted can get their case back before a court. CLA is proposing improvements to the bill. 29 April 2015

Bill is pernicious danger to rule of law

A Bill, proposed by Immigration Minister Dutton would give contractors, trained to nightclub bouncer standards only, the right to decide when and how hard to bash refugees in detention. 22 April 2015

Govt produces ‘worst legislation so far’

Data retention legislation is awful, but the Minister Dutton’s proposed ‘Refugee Riot Act’ breaks all the international rules about human rights of anyone, not just refugees, CLA says. 8 April 2015

CLA joins bid for Bali 9 clemency

As threat of the execution of two members of the Bali 9 draws darkly closer, CLA has joined in a direct appeal to the Indonesian President for clemency. 9 Feb 2015

CLA puts solutions to Riot Inquiry

CLA proposed refugee solutions, and expanded the investigation’s reporting scope, when appearing before the Manus Island Riot Death Inquiry at Parliament House. 17 June 2014