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As US-North Korea brinksmanship escalates, it becomes more obvious than ever that the Australian Parliament should decide on our going into warlike situations, not the Kitchen Cabinet. We have followed the UK and the USA slavishly and sheepishly into war for more than a century. It is time we legislated to ensure we have time and space to make a carefully-considered decision about going to war, Civil Liberties Australia believes.
As Immigration Minister Dutton, a former policeman, uses fabricated pedophilia intimations to “verbal” refugee claimants on Manus, his department is reintroducing censorship to Australia by preventing a Palestinian activist speaking here. No wonder there’s a loud call – a clamour by 80% of Australians – for a national anti-corruption commission.
Other items in this issue include:
  • Focus turns to WA for positive change
  • Is epistocracy (‘decision-making by the educated’) an answer?
  • AG Brandis restores funding to legal aid
  • Commonwealth Games police get beefier powers
  • What a Chief Justice thinks of Australia’s legal system
  • Police ‘intelligence’ may not be all it’s cracked up to be
  • UK seeks to protest rights & liberties as Brexit door opens
  • Rape ‘em, marry ‘em, says Malaysian MP
  • Canada set to legalise recreational marijuana
  • Is Trump the first US President elected by the FBI?
  • Support for death penalty drops in the USA

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