Another price to be paid for police tunnel vision?

By social justice campaigner, Brian Tennant AM

Reports refer to A.B Greer as, quote: “Killer of Sharon Mason to be deported back to the UK”. The reality is that Greer has been wronged and appallingly treated over many years.

Greer (photo) was released in May 2018 because of age and ill health. Instantly, he was waiting to be deported back to England. For 25 years it has been said that Greer has not shown remorse. There is no doubt in my mind that he cannot show remorse as he has always professed his innocence.

I agree with Tom Percy QC and former WA Governor Malcolm McCusker QC on new evidence indicating there is not the slightest doubt that he is innocent…not that there was ever any plausible case against him.

The fact is that no-one saw Sharon Mason walk into the shop. In fact, days after being allegedly murdered, she was seen well alive by a number of people. Then Ms Mason’s body was found buried on top of piping that was not even there when Greer occupied the shop.

According to Greer, he received a report from a professor from the Royal Perth Hospital, answering the question: “How long do you think the remains were there for?” and the answer was “two or three years”. Greer would not have even been in the state of WA if that timescale is accurate.

Police are on public record acknowledging that, once they believe that a particular person could be guilty of the crime they’re investigating, they more often than not ignore information received from members of the public, even evidence to the contrary that the person committed the crime. Police attempting to secure a conviction on false premises is the worst type of policing.

In Anthony Mallard’s first appeal in the WA Supreme Court, the judges found that the police broke just about every rule in the book in his case. Greer says the police officers in his case included the same ones as in the Mallard case.

I recall that a man came to my home, and said he believed he knew who could have killed Sharon Mason. He said an associate of his admitted that he had just killed a young girl, even though it was accidental.

When he bought the information to the attention of the police, the police did not reply to him. He asked the police months later, what was the result? The police told him that they were not acting on his information.

Years later, the police confirmed to Greer’s daughter that they had received a report from the said person.

I believe media reports on the Greer case should not refer to him as “the killer”, but rather the “convicted killer” because, as we know in WA, it’s not unusual convicted killers to be later found to be innocent. Just to name a few in WA such as the Button case, Beamish, the Mallard case, and the Canadian man Rory Christie who spent more than four years in jail before he was acquitted.

I believe that, before this year is out, Greer’s name could be cleared. Then the question becomes, what price do you put on 25 years in prison for a crime you did not commit?

Once again, the taxpayers of WA may have to pay up bigtime for the tunnel vision of WA Police.

– Brian G. Tennant AM, CLA member, Subiaco WA

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