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Apr 2015 CLArion newsletter: Call   to rewrite terror laws from scratch

Apr 2015 CLArion newsletter: Call to rewrite terror laws from scratch

CLA CLArion Monthly newsletter
CLA CLArion Monthly newsletter

It’s time for fresh start, a re-writing from scratch of all the dangerous-to-democracy terror laws produced over 14 years of ‘security’ being allowed to dominate over freedoms.

New data retention laws demonstrate clearly that MPs of both major parties have turned Australia into a surveillance state, CLA says. It is astonishing how quickly traditional rights and liberties of the individual have been discarded by politicians who understand only fear, their own personal fear of losing office. As the 100th anniversary of Anzac day arrives, it is apposite to question who in Australia now represents the tradition of the Diggers: it is not certainly MPs, who discard as unimportant individual freedoms while fruitlessly pursuing “perfect” safety. Perhaps today’s ‘diggers for freedom’ are those citizens who understand that living involves risk, who are prepared to fight for freedom from a snooping and prying government and its faceless, hidden spooks now able to listen to every word you speak on the phone, and read every word you write online.

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