April 2014: CLArion newsletter: Monitor abolished – is surveillance to expand?

CLA CLArion Monthly newsletter
CLA CLArion Monthly newsletter

The government’s agenda confuses: rights are to be rejuvenated says AG Brandis, but in the same breath he spruiks bigotry and abolishes our main safeguard against excessive terror laws.

This month we also feature:

  • Court reins in Australia’s spook raid on lawyers
  • eAGM report/minutes summary
  • TPP treaty: governments fail to agree
  • NT AG tries new ways to protect children
  • Spooks, police want even more secret access
  • PM slams ‘blackest day’ sports beat-up
  • Defence chief ‘heavies’ former soldier/Senator
  • Unexplained wealth laws become more Draconian
  • ODD SPOT: Horsing around in parliament
  • UK Conservatives may abandon EU human rights
  • Obama pulls back on ‘war’ on drugs
  • Parents can marry off girls aged 9

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