Who benefits? (“Federal Court deals blow to early release of Palace Papers”, Canberra Times, 17 March 2018)
The website of the National Archives of Australia proudly boasts: “We are the nation’s memory – a living collection of government records illuminating our history and identity.”
The decision by Justice John Griffiths that correspondence between former Governor General Sir John Kerr & the Queen, before & after the dismissal of the Whitlam government in 1975, is ‘personal’ & should remain secret, serves to highlight the profound emptiness behind the NAA’s claim, while also demonstrating that the same interests that engineered the destruction of our democratically-elected government are still being served, rather than those of the Australian people.
Only a nation of fools would continue to be taken in by such a dishonest charade.
 – John Richardson, CLA member,  Wallagoot  NSW
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