Archives hide our history, cloud our identity

 Who benefits? (“Federal Court deals blow to early release of Palace Papers”, Canberra Times, 17 March 2018)
The website of the National Archives of Australia proudly boasts: “We are the nation’s memory – a living collection of government records illuminating our history and identity.”
The decision by Justice John Griffiths that correspondence between former Governor General Sir John Kerr & the Queen, before & after the dismissal of the Whitlam government in 1975, is ‘personal’ & should remain secret, serves to highlight the profound emptiness behind the NAA’s claim, while also demonstrating that the same interests that engineered the destruction of our democratically-elected government are still being served, rather than those of the Australian people.
Only a nation of fools would continue to be taken in by such a dishonest charade.
 – John Richardson, CLA member,  Wallagoot  NSW
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