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Aug 2015 newsletter:  National mood starts to swing towards correcting ‘terror’ excesses

Aug 2015 newsletter: National mood starts to swing towards correcting ‘terror’ excesses

CLA CLArion Monthly newsletter
CLA CLArion Monthly newsletter

The first signs are starting to emerge of a swing back from the overblown rhetoric of terrorism towards a more nuanced response in keeping with the rule of law in Australia.

The year 2016, leading up to an election, looks set to feature a number of conferences, seminars and workshops analysing the state of democracy and a fair go in Australia, with a view to major improvements in the years ahead. It seems the Australian people are beginning to fight back.

Failures of the parliament to work properly, overblown laws that take liberties and rights from individuals and concentrate power in the state, and unformed and bureaucratic rules and regulations are starting to make the Australian people angrier. The next election could see Australian citizens – however defined – start to deliver lessons to MPs who ignore people power at their peril.

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