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August 2020 CLArion newsletter: Pollies, spooks fail to tell full truth

August 2020 CLArion newsletter: Pollies, spooks fail to tell full truth

With another election season upon us, politicians and candidates are trotting out their ‘law n order’ fear-creating campaigns to gain election, not telling us that it costs taxpayers more than $300 a day to house each prisoner, which adds to the taxes we pay. Similarly, the security service heavies – notably ASIO’s – are spruiking more fear to boost their control over citizens and ultimately their budgets and staff. In all cases, it’s a ruse played knowingly on citizens to the advantage of would-be control freaks aiming to diminish our civil liberties, rights and freedoms.

Other items in this issue:

  • How new legal provisions head us further towards a police state
  • Govt legal action against critics is ‘illegally’ slowed…on purpose?
  • SAS’s proud reputation destroyed, says SAS Commanding Officer
  • Which state leads the way on jailing Indigenous kids?
  • SECURITY SPECIAL: More bids for greater secret powers and control
  • Peter Dutton narrowly avoids jail
  • Bigger courts, smaller juries?
  • NZ: Drumming up the business of freeing prisoners wronfully convicted
  • MP wants review of secret court hearings

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