Australian Constitution is a secular text

Kevin Donnelly’s criticism of the predominant view that Australia is not a Christian country is based on spurious arguments (‘Let’s not deny our Christian roots’, Australian, 15/6).

Australia has Christian roots in the sense that it was colonised by a world power, Britain, which called itself Christian.  There was little of Christ’s teaching in British colonial actions around the world where it looted, pillaged and enslaved militarily weak nations to acquire wealth and power.  Contrary to Christ’s message of love and tolerance, avowedly Christian British subjects very nearly wiped out the original inhabitants of this island continent.  Are these the Christian roots that Donnelly is supporting?  Australia is a multiracial, multiethnic and multi-religious nation.  It is essential to implement Australia’s secular-founded Constitution in all practical ways – and to guard against any religious intrusion –  to foster and maintain peace and harmony in this nation.

– Bill Mathew, CLA member, Parkville Vic

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