State stands accused of ongoing harassment

Regardless of DNA ‘breakthroughs’ in criminal investigations, we still have an archaic habit in Perth of shaking someone whom the police have decided is a suspect like a piece of rag until he (or she) is in shreds.  Lloyd Rayney and his children have suffered the murder of a wife …

NICNAT needs to fly high in Canberra

If there was any doubt about the need for a national integrity commission, the Public Service Commissioner’s ‘only’ attitude show just why we need one…or two. 8 March 2017

Is modern slavery law up to the challenge?

Modern slavery – child labour, prostitutes, oppressive factoies – are rife throughout the world, and Australia, with maybe 5000 slaves,  is not immune. Government is considering a new law here. 2 Mar 2017

AG reveals OPCAT plans to NGOs

Attorney-General George Brandis announced Australia would ratify the Convention Against Torture by December 2017 when he and Foreign Minister Julie Bishop met with NGOs in February.  2 Mar 2017

Kim killing has other victims

The murder of Kim Jong-nam in KL airport highlights the issue of human trafficking-slavery, with which Australia is about to grapple. Are the women killers, or victims themselves? 1 Mar 2017 

Resist drones, mindless drones

As technology intrudes increasingly into our lives in future, we need to be wary of allowing mindless surveillance and killing devices to have robotic control over life and death. 23 Feb 2017

Tax attack on drivers of taxis?

Why do taxi drivers and uber drivers have less rights than other Australians ? Unlike the rest of the Australian population we have to collect, administer and send off GST payments even though most of us earn way under the 75.000 ceiling amount. To me and any fair minded person …

The Unlucky Country: them…and us

Why are bankers and lawyers protected species? Evan Whitton says it harks back to the City and ‘Mother’ England…with democracy going downhill since the time of the Romans. 17 Feb 2017

Court out by sexism

Professions should lead the way for society, so why are female lawyers so relatively poorly paid, under appreciated and subjected to dismissive slights. Ben Aulich ponders the problem. 10 Feb 2017

This is the fight of your life…

There’s a dark, vicious, potentially violent world lurking just beyond your mobile phone, tablet or desktop computer. But you have to be sick to discover it, says a special correspondent. 6 Feb 2017