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Awards a joke

Awards a joke

While the Australian of the Year Awards mob inundate us with ads, I feel quite sour about the whole exercise. I, like thousands of other people around Australia, nominated Professor Gillian Triggs. The council did not even put her name on the list of finalists. Why not? It makes a nonsense of the whole awards process. I would like an answer, but I am not holding my breath.

The award organisers have devalued them to a laughing stock.

โ€“ Dr Kristine Klugman, president, Civil Liberties Australia, Fisher ACT

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  1. When you read her bio Professor Triggs is an eminent Australian with a great record of contribution to Australia’s public interest, however, the immediate record of the Australian of the Year awards appear to go to those who are championing a specific cause.
    To wit: Mental Health matters (pun intended) and Domestic Violence.
    Perhaps Professor Triggs was without a cause that Government could make the most of, for itself, through undertaking a funding and organisational building process in support of its eventual “legacy”.

    Chris Mackay

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