CLArion April 2021: Bipartisan bid to restore power to Parliament

An unlikely pairing of two Liberal and Labor politicians are using the Senate Scrutiny Committee to rein in the ever-expanding power of ‘Executive’ Ministers producing legislation – about half of all Australian laws – that can change and expand under ‘regulations’ at the government’s whim, with the Parliament having no review powers over them. The Senators have taken the first step in restoring properly-balanced power between the Executive, the Judiciary and Parliament, as the Australian Constitution says it should be.

Declaration of the CLA AGM held in 2021

eAGMThis is the formal declaration of the results of the 2021 Annual General Meeting of Civil Liberties Australia held electronically and by post, with voting occurring in March 2021. The attached item gives details of the voting to approve (or not approve) formal documents relating to the 2020 calendar year, and of Board Members elected for the period to early 2023.

Six civil groups want anti-protest laws voted down

Six organisations – including Civil Liberties Australia – are calling on Tasmanian Legislative Councillors to vote against the government’s proposed anti-protest laws because they are undemocratic, illiberal, unjust, dangerous and technically flawed. The upper house debate is due on Wednesday 24 March 2021. Among other flaws, the laws aim to silence the community, CLA’s Tasmanian Director Richard Griggs says.