Barr humbug! Fancy trying to tell us which way to go

The ’National Cabinet’ is going to the heads of Premiers and Chief Ministers: they are starting to think they can rule divinely, now that parliaments are dead and democracy is dying. Would you believe one CM, Andrew Barr in the ACT, is trying to dictate that you can only walk or cycle  one way – clockwise – around Lake Burley Griffin in Canberra. What will he do next? Order the tide to go out, or the stars to rotate differently. Bring back our civil liberties, starting immediately

COVID-19 stats: the good, the bad and the ugly ‘data’

So, people are sick, and dying. But what is the hard comparative data? Why are our governments not sharing with us the figuring that lies behind their thinking. Here metrologist (measurement guru) and risk expert John W. Clark puts the comparative statistics under the microscope. You be the judge of whether our governments should be revealing more facts, and consulting with us much more about life-and-death decisions for people, economies and nations.

COVID-19: Risk management or risk aversion?

Experts are puzzled why only health professionals appear to be advising senior politicians over Covid-19 problems. Noted by their absence are risk advisors. In a national crisis, governments should involve risk professionals accustomed to analysing, evaluating, ignoring ’noise’ and applying a structured, disciplined approach to crucial decisions which will affect Australia for decades to come.

Climate ‘migration’ requires a global response in anticipation

The world is not good at anticipating crises. There’s one coming, 99.9% of experts says, in less than 30 years. About 1 billion people are expected to be in crisis, forced to migrate from low-lying land. Australia has responsibility for the Pacific, where the crisis will be felt in a major way. It’s time we started to tackle the issue urgently, Jennifer Ashton suggests.

Is counterterrorism policy out of step with reality?

At last the experts are starting to agree with what civil libertarians like CLA have been saying for a decade and a half: everything to do with counterring terrorism is massively out of kilter with reality, including the funds and people/material resources allocated, the parliamentary time spent on it, and the  massive headlines given to it. In Australia, we literally have had much more important things to worry about since about 2005.