Voiceless sit alone 23/7

While there are sensational media reports on the minor misdeeds of criminals on parole after serving years of imprisonment, no  attention is focused on the cruel, inhumane practice of keeping hundreds of prisoners in solitary confinement for 2…

Liberties threatened

On Australia Day, when we proudly sing, "Australians all, let us rejoice, for we are young and free", we should also remember the Anti-terrorism (No2) Bill which was rushed through Federal Parliament on December 6.
Along with ma…

Zoo cruelty

For over five years, David Hicks has been confined for 23 to 24 hours a day in a single cell at Guantanamo Bay, deprived of human contact, natural light and fresh air.

Years ago, similar prison practices in Australia at Katin…


CLA opposes any proposal for mandatory sentencing legislation.

Read CLA’s paper here (150kb PDF file).