Backgrounder: why Australia needs a CCRC

Australia needs a Criminal Cases Review Commission system. Proven over 25 years in Britain, a CCRC can correct wrongful convictions like those of the Guildford 4 and the Birmingham 6 (Photo: two of those victims, with Australian wrongful conviction guru Estelle Blackburn). With an Australian CCRC system, the cases of Sue Neill-Fraser and Derek Bromley – now before the High Court – would have evaluated for their possible erroneous forensics earlier than 13 and 37 years ago, respectively.

Australia must get human rights right

Australia’s positioning over Ukraine needs to take many things into consideration, not least of which is the impact (deaths, injuries, lives ruined) on hundreds of thousands of people in the region. While commercial opportunities may emerge from the conflict, globally a change in the balance of power may cost Australia dearly, observes Dr Kay Danes.

SNF appeals to the High Court for justice

Sue Neill-Fraser has lodged a request for a full appeal hearing to the High Court of Australia…for the second time. The High Court summarily dismissed her request a decade ago, but there is much more reason to believe she deserves to be heard this time, after one of three Tasmanian Criminal Appeal Court judges recently ruled her conviction should be quashed.