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Category: <span>Human Rights</span>

Category: Human Rights

CLA’s Human Rights Campaign

FOR TWO YEARS, CLA has been lobbying for a new Human Rights Act (HRA) for Australia.

We also want to improve the HRA in the ACT, which will celebrate its 20th anniversary in 2024, and the Acts in Victoria and Queensland.

Here are background documents which outline the core campaign facts.

Parole Board’s workload up, communication shackled

The president of a parole board facing more prisoners and rapidly increasing parole applications wants a standalone website to be able to demonstrate the independence demanded by statute law. But the board itself is a prisoner… of the state’s corrective services department. Free the board, CLA says. Boards have rights, too!

82 anti-terror laws in 18 years: has our safety changed?

With new Australian anti-terror laws running at about five a year over 18 years, there are two fundamental questions: has our safety changed for the better, and do we need all of them now, or should there be a consolidated ‘Anti-terror Act’ that reins in the draconian excesses, restores balanced rights and liberties, and better represents the real dangers in 2020 to the nation?

Nelson explains what freedom means

CLA member Sandra Nelson, the MLA for Katherine in the NT, visited Dili reprepsenting the NT government to help celebrate the 20th anniversary of Timor Leste gaining its independence. Here she talks about what it means to the people.

Banerji case highlights urgent need for Bill of Rights: Triggs

Prof Gillian Triggs – once Australia’s Human Rights Commissioner, now a Protection Commissioner at the UN – dissects the inadequacy of safeguards of citizens’ rights in Australia after the recent narrow ruling by Australia’s wimpish High Court on the Banerji case, She stresses how that and other cases highlight how urgent formal Rights protection is for the nation.

Army ‘Regs’ lead to institutional abuse by Defence

The reality of a Defence Inquiry is far from the rhetorical ‘fair go’ our soldiers deserve, Kay Danes writes. It has become an instrument of power, wielded by officers to deny subordinates and civilians access to fair and equal opportunity within their employment. Complainants suffer bullying and harassment by the very system supposedly set up to assist them.

19th century legal system must undergo major reform

The legal system is broken if a person must wait three years to get a Supreme Court trial. Barrister Greg Barns explains how justice could be done better in Tasmania, but his critiques and suggestions for major reform apply to every jurisdiction in Australia. Australia’s overall legal system(s) have never been subjected to an overall review. It’s time for Better Justice throughout the nation:

Rule of law first, democracy second (if needed)

Riots highlight how and why the rule of law is a better guide to freedom and liberties than is the notion of democracy, Prof Richard Mulgan writes. For that reason, Australian society should be underpinned by a human rights act which guarantees all key aspects of what we think of as the rule of law.

CCTV and Mass Surveillance

Big Brother now knows your name. Listen to Civil Liberties Australia’s Vice-President, Tim Vines, speak with Perth Indymedia Radio – RTR 92.1 FM about the expansion of CCTV with facial recognition

Open prisons to new ideas for all to benefit

Prisoners should undergo health, mental health and education level checks on entry for baseline measurements to check how rehabilitated they are when eventually released, CLA proposes in a detailed submission to the Queensland Productivity Commission’s current major inquiry into prison reform.

Verifying virtuality could scorch the planet?

Should we be worrying about rights and liberties issues broader than the mainstream problems and opportunities? CLA member Silke Hesse introduces a consideration from left field about whether or not we’ll have a planet left to inhabit as a society. What do you think?

For two years, CLA has been working to promote a new Human Rights Act for Australia.
Here, you can read all about it.

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