Where is your data?

I read recently that many treaties, including the Trans Pacific Partnership, contain clauses prohibiting restrictions on where data is stored. It is designed, I understand, to stop sovereign governments from requiring that, for example, data stored in your cloud account or at your bank be stored on national servers. It

America rules, OK?

I believe that the USA like any other sovereign nation, has the right to make laws that govern the behaviour of people in its territory, including both its citizens & visitors. It is open to the USA, like any other sovereign nation, to make laws governing the behaviour of its

Better Justice Project

My interests and concerns include (but are not limited to): – the thickening web of wider police powers, increasing surveillance and greater secrecy in the name of security and anti-terrorism; – the rising tide of attacks on independent journalism and investigative reporting, particularly attacks on the ABC which is the

Rotten, despicable, unprincipled, wicked…

What a truly rotten, despicable, cowardly, unprincipled, corrupt and wicked government we have (‘Former ASIS spy charged after exposing East Timor bugging, MP reveals’, Fairfax Online). While the former prime minister, whose government initiated the singular crimes against our neighbour East Timor, dog-whistles China from a dark corner, the former head