CLA Policy – Refugees

Refugees and asylum seekers have basic human rights and dignities, such as freedom from arbitrary detention and reasonable access to justice. While being assessed, CLA believes they should be treated as if future Australian citizens, and not as if criminals.

CLA Policy – Privacy

Privacy is an inherent right, under international and Australian law.  No one should suffer arbitrary or unlawful interference to person, possessions, information or correspondence, nor attacks on honour or reputation. Resources: CLA policy on technology and civil liberties: see policy document.

CLA Policy – Policing

Communicative and accountable police forces are essential to a civilised society, CLA believes. Police must use coercive powers legitimately, in the least intrusive way.and only when absolutely necessary. Police systems and reporting must have adequate checks and balances protecting individual rights (including those of police officers), and must be independently …

CLA Policy – Access to Justice

All citizens must have equal access to a fair and honest justice system, where individual and groups rights are safeguarded without fear or favour. Any court or tribunal must be independent, and free from external pressures. There must be adequate access for all to the justice system, or human rights …

CLA Policy – Human Rights

Each individual’s human rights must be protected against arbitrary interference, says CLA. Australians expect the Australian Parliament to enshrine all ratified international covenants on human rights into domestic law. No laws may restrict the rights of any individual or group in a manner inconsistent with international covenants.

CLA Policy – Accessing Health

Everyone has the right to equal access to publicly-provided health services, and to receive or refuse medical treatment. Mental health patients have the same rights. In the absence of informed consent, the least invasive or intrusive treatment should be delivered. Patients have the right to their own records; health care …

CLA Policy – Freedom of Speech

CLA believes freedom of speech is fundamental in a democratic society, which depends on free exchange of ideas and opinions and being able to communicate philosophies in an open and frank way. People must be free, in any medium, to engage in debate and challenge perceptions. CLA accepts that the …