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CLA releases Better Justice strategy

CLA releases Better Justice strategy

b+w BJ logo B+W 60KbCLA has spent a year consulting with members, lawyers, academics, and other groups to identify important areas for justice system reform over the next decade. Comment is invited

We anticipate reporting some ideas and comments we receive in our monthly newsletters during 2016, so please advise if you do NOT want you name mentioned.

We would appreciate any references to articles you’ve read, or ideas you’ve seen, relevant to the issues discussed here. Please send any references or comment

This one-page overview is being expanded into an activity sheet, which spells out which person or group – many of them not from CLA – who will help by leading on individual tasks associated with the overall plan. As some relationships are not yet confirmed – and confirming some of them would give ammunition to opponents of specific reforms – we are not releasing full details. As well, more detailed mini-plans for sub-sets of this overall plan are being developed.

Please CLICK on the links to read the document: Word Version  and PDF Version


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