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CLArion December 2022 –  Flawed justice, and women bear the brunt

CLArion December 2022 – Flawed justice, and women bear the brunt

Increasingly, more women are in jail in Australia, and Aboriginal women are 21 times more likely to be jailed; most men and women in jail are suffering from mental health problems. The nation has an epidemic of poverty and homelessness, twin scourges which foster more draconian laws, longer jail sentences and so mushrooming prison building. Meanwhile police force numbers expand the more incompetent they are, especially re domestic crimes against women. Australia is in a downwards “justice” spiral: women are bearing the brunt. Radical re-thinking of flawed systems across federal, state and local governments needs to create better justice for the nation.

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  • SA launches formal bid for HR Act
  • NZ may lower voting age to 16
  • ‘Military academies’ to solve youth crime: proposal

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