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CLArion Feb 2021: CLA calls for equal rights for Territorians

CLArion Feb 2021: CLA calls for equal rights for Territorians

Civil Liberties Australia, in one of its 2021 Australia Day letters, has asked federal MP Kevin Andrews to propose a Private Member’s Bill that would reverse the 1997 federal law he introduced which currently overturns ACT and NT citizens, and their parliaments, having the human right to vote on euthanasia in their territories. Another OzDay letter, to all state and territory jurisdictions, proposes that they review their patchy and inequitable censorship rules for prisoner mail. A third letter calls on the WA Police Commissioner to formally apologise to all those people named falsely and irresponsibly by police as ‘persons of interest’ over a period of 25 years before WA secured the recent conviction and life sentence of Bradley Edwards for the Claremont murder.

Other articles in this issue include:

  • Aussie pollies lack Dutch courage
  • Government fudges public ‘service’ numbers
  • Defence Regs need major overhaul: petition
  • Indigenous people want wages they earned
  • ICAC boss lasts less than three years
  • ‘Religious law’ out of place in secular society
  • Brits review legal rights that Aussies don’t have

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