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CLArion Feb 2022: Pezzullo the Fox dons sheep’s clothing

CLArion Feb 2022: Pezzullo the Fox dons sheep’s clothing

As governments, national and state, and their police and security agencies continue to obfuscate about their malfeasances, Home Affairs supremo Michael Pezzullo claims we citizens have more to fear from the private sector than public sector ministers and mandarins. Is there a more dangerous man in Australia than he who controls criminal justice, emergency management, immigration, refugee claimants and citizenship, national security and ’social cohesion’? All under him, according to his website.

  • Aussie police could learn from UK Violence Reduction Unit
  • Credit card fraud breaks out in Public Sector
  • Sharing health info widely: not a good idea, says APF
  • Police car chases: you can’t believe what they say
  • Michael Kirby on having foresight about hindsight
  • Reply to: ‘Where were you lot when you were needed?’
  • Let down, abandoned by his own country
  • Juveniles with nowhere to go kept locked in jail
  • ‘Innocence not enough to be freed from jail’
  • Things you may not know about Interpol
  • Is torture taught to Australian military/security people?

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