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CLArion January 2023 – Human Rights Act special: model for Oz

CLArion January 2023 – Human Rights Act special: model for Oz

With The Voice to dominate 2023, CLA is concentrating on key national justice issues beyond the referendum. Since 2020, we have been lobbying hard behind the scenes on a Human Rights Act for Australia. To achieve the best possible version, we’ve helped produce major changes in the nation’s first HR Act, the one in the ACT, due to start in 2023 and operate fully in 2024. Also this year, CLA will focus on Failure To Disclose (FTD), the legal blight perpetrated mostly by prosecutors and police which makes our courts unfair and leads to miscarriages of justice, with taxpayers having to fund big compensation payouts.

  • NACC and federal HRA create ethical infrastructure for Australia\
  • hat Whitlam left to be done…
  • New consultation focus is on implementation
  • Parliament fails to safeguard human rights
  • Bromley, 38 years in jail, about to get his day in High Court
  • Attorneys-General and SCAG focus is on future law reform again
  • Jails ready to burst: prepare to pay more taxe
  • 87% want a vote on going to war: politicians refus
  • Scotland raises age at which kids can be jailed
  • NZ Hall case bares mistakes – or worse – by lawyers
  • Canada rethinks VAD for the mentally ill

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