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CLArion JANUARY 2024: Human Rights come into closer focus

CLArion JANUARY 2024: Human Rights come into closer focus

Throughout Australia, politicians and advocates are increasingly acknowledging that embedded core values and standards are the bedrock of our society’s now and future well-being and prosperity. They drive trust and respect for each other and for our institutions, without which we disintegrate into disaffected camps focused selfishly, rather than on common challenges and the public good in times of stress. In other nations, these fundamental principles stand on the pillars of federal and state/territory human rights Acts. There are significant signs in this issue of the CLArion that Australia is headed in a firmly positive direction over the coming years towards a better and more rightful future for all of us.

  • Academy of Science calls for reform to Evidence Acts
  • High Court issues strange bowing/scraping rules
  • Push for Criminal Cases Review Commission widens
  • New team aims to lead more settled system
  • Judge soon to get his day in court
  • DNA problems in one state lead to questionable law changes
  • Australia jails people disproportionately according to race
  • Bullying on rise in public service
  • International waves on horizon in big 2024
  • Indonesian kids get big payout due to Australian legal failures

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