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CLArion June 2021: Wrong priorities mean rights fight is harder

CLArion June 2021: Wrong priorities mean rights fight is harder

Governments’ abnormal priorities founded on warped ideologies and broken promises are skewing important decisions around liberties and rights issues. Citizens are having to fight for basic health and disabilities spending, and charities are under active national assault. However security services and matters military are being showered with excessive funds, while crime dogs get $0.5m each. With the pandemic sure to impose continuing stresses on daily living for another year or more, the nation is in the run-up to an important federal election, maybe just a few months away, in which it is hoped public values, personal morality and political philosophy may pay a greater role than personalities.

  • Rights and culture suffer from strange Budget decisions
  • Board changes: new President elected
  • Australia can now jail someone forever
  • Show trials result from political prosecutions
  • Proof of guilt in sexual assault: where is the balance?
  • Cavalier cops don’t give a damn about privacy
  • Prison choices leave inmates to suffer more
  • NT special: Where an incompetent govt is impossible
  • Brit soldiers held accountable for war crimes
  • HRC to probe Gaza-Israel issues

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