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CLArion June ’23: Human Rights sub close at end of June; AAT re-forming

CLArion June ’23: Human Rights sub close at end of June; AAT re-forming

30 June is the last day to prepare a submission on a proposed federal Human Rights law. Please get your supportive sub in, even if only a letter, or a short comment. Meanwhile, AG Mark Dreyfus is reforming the Administrative Appeals Tribunal, appointing a new head and planning new appointments, based on merit. The ACT is raising the Minimum Age of Responsibility for Children to 14, and will join SA, Tasmania, Victoria and WA with a legislated second and subsequent ‘Right To Appeal’ where there’s a substantial miscarriage of justice. Also in this issue:

  • ’Solomon’ Sofronoff sharpening sword in Lehrmann-Higgins inquiry
  • Failure To Disclose, again: Home Affairs hides VERA-2R report
  • extremists on both sides seek prominence to help recruiting
  • State’s police exhibit long-term culture of non-compliance with the law
  • Forensics: boost in one state, another state needs overseas help
  • Freed Austic dudded on compensation, despite court finding he was framed
  • Territory moves to reform an ICAC that isn’t working properly
  • Letters: Is Camilla divine? Detention cost is absurd
  • Death row inmate given last gasp stay of execution
  • Juries may have had their day

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