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CLArion Mar 2021: Sue Neill-Fraser appeal to start, at last!

CLArion Mar 2021: Sue Neill-Fraser appeal to start, at last!

CLA CEO Bill Rowlings and the late then-Shadow Attorney-General Vanessa Goodwin at the first briefing meeting that began the process to secure the ‘Right to Appeal’ law for Tasmania. Today Sue Neill-Fraser’s appeal using that law for the first time, against a 2009 conviction for murder, begins in the Court of Criminal Appeal in Hobart. PHOTO: Kristine Klugman

Today’s the day! Risdon prisoner Sue Neill-Fraser’s long-awaited, long-thwarted, and long-delayed appeal is due to start on 1 March 2021, this CLArion issue’s cover date. The tortuous, uphill climb to today began on 2 August 2013 when CLA President Dr Kristine Klugman and CEO Bill Rowlings briefed then-Shadow Liberal AG Vanessa Goodwin on the need for Tasmania to ‘mirror’ the then-new law in South Australia allowing a second appeal. On 2 November 2015, the now-deceased Goodwin was true to her word: the second ‘Right to Appeal’ became Tasmanian law too. Since that date – 5 1/2 years ago – SNF has been striving for an appeal court to overturn what CLA believes is her wrongful conviction for murdering husband, Bob Chappell, on their yacht moored in Sandy Bay on the night of 26 January 2009.

Other articles in this issue include:

  • Cover-up: government agencies go-to process for avoiding the AFP
  • Police and security agencies break the law, repeatedly
  • Capital Territory hastens humane approach to children
  • IPA extends its reach through top parliamentary positions
  • Dole-bludging to go on people’s secret intelligence record?
  • Australia’s threat level: PROBABLE…but what does it all mean?
  • World is facing ‘pandemic of human rights abuses’, UN boss warns

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