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CLArion Nov 2021: Headed towards an Australia we don’t want

CLArion Nov 2021: Headed towards an Australia we don’t want

Constantly, when Parliament sits and when it doesn’t, new federal issues emerge every week that cry out for an 'ICAC with teeth' to rein in the excesses of the big end of town (politicians and corporates), and a national Human Rights Act to restore some power to correct wrongs back to the little people of Australia. These needs will be present whichever major party wins the upcoming federal election, so it is important during the election lead-up to drive home public demands for these non-negotiable additions to how we can ensure greater morality and improved ethics in national governance in future.
  • Quakers fight for parliamentary decision-making, regular reporting on conflict
  • Our rights erode every time the Australian Parliament sits
  • SIC committee again refuses to rein in police excesses
  • Committee’s credibility of the past 15 years called into question
  • Third of Australia’s 43,000 prisoners have not been sentenced
  • Police Commissioner: ‘Do as I say, not as we police do'
  • SNF out of solitary: still no appeal decision eight months on
  • Police in USA kill twice as many as previously thought
  • Snakey husband to serve two life terms for murder
  • Vax passport system fails: international travel stops
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