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CLArion Nov 2023: CLA outlines Rights/Remedy imperative

CLArion Nov 2023: CLA outlines Rights/Remedy imperative

CLA explained in detail in October to the parliamentary inquiry into rights precisely why Australia needed to create a national Human Rights Act, to achieve a ‘Fair Go’ for everybody and to help rebuild social capital and expand the national integrity network after years of significant stress. In examples of failed moral codes, the nation is paying Indonesian boat kids for our falsely classifying them as adults, just as Australia begins a new round of renditioning – kidnapping – asylum seeks to Nauru. In other developments:

  • High Court wimps out of another key forensic science ruling
  • Smartest Australians get half a vote in referendums
  • NT, which started it all, at last gets to vote on VAD
  • Prison bugging inquiry gets new investigator, free of former AG links
  • New inquiry to quick-probe mess left by Sofronoff forensics findings
  • Corruption has commissioner stumped
  • ‘Blood boils’ as cops allegedly dodge proper inquiries
  • Neighbour country under control of new, secret force
  • Courts logging: where are ‘friends’ when you need them?
  • Pommy prisoners to be transported to Australia?

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