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CLArion Oct 2021: New law gives police power to pry and lie

CLArion Oct 2021: New law gives police power to pry and lie

There have been mass protests nationwide because police have the power to make people wear masks, and keep 1.5m from each other to minimise Covid-19 sickness and deaths. There have been NO public protests about a new national law approved last month that gives police the power to pry secretly into your electronic devices, change the information on them any way they like, and then charge/convict you on the “evidence”. All police forces have track records of telling lies, or twisting reality, to secure convictions: how in future will we ever know what is true, and what is ‘changed truth’?
  • Political promise goes halfway towards a properly fair system
  • Poll shows Aussies overwhelmingly in favour of a Human Rights Act
  • ‘Lock ‘em up forever’ mentality appears to take over
  • VAD (euthanasia) law passes in another state…but not in a Territory
  • 1000 people to sue state government over claimed prison abuse
  • 4444 days in jail…wrongly convicted, CLA says
  • Special forces suffer from ‘omerta’ culture, book says
  • How much has the ‘War on Terror’ cost so far?
  • Climate change impacts human rights, Bachelet says

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