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CLArion September 2022 – Justice under threat Oz-wide and in island state

CLArion September 2022 – Justice under threat Oz-wide and in island state

The High Court has a duty to deliver transparent justice in open and full view of the people: it failed last month. Australia-wide, torture and sexual assault reveal severe problems in juvenile jails as adult prisoners are experiencing similar inhumane treatment. One state’s justice system is in parlous condition with illegal audio and visual surveillance of hundreds of privileged lawyer-client discussions after police used an illegal warrant inside a jail. Was the police action a ‘witch hunt’? Did it comprise an official conspiracy to thwart the rule of law? Clear and obvious warnings month after month indicate justice in Australia is in need of a national Royal Commission covering all jurisdictions at the one time, CLA believes. In other items:
  • High Court runs special hearing of dubious legality
  • Police drop last SNF-related case after using illegal warrant
  • Tasmanian justice appears to rot from an early age
  • Drug court saves $14m, report says
  • Teenage boy locked in solitary 20 hours a day for 25 days in total
  • Canada’s ‘pre-crime’ system targets Indigenous girls disproportionately
  • Parents stunned when trying to protect children in school
  • Judges – as well as juries – sneak a peak at Wikipedia
  • Ankle bracelets become the new jails

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