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CLA’s 2021 Annual General Meeting (AGM)

CLA’s 2021 Annual General Meeting (AGM)

eAGMIn accordance with CLA’s Constitution, the 2021 Annual General Meeting (AGM, including the electronic annual general meeting, or eAGM) of Civil Liberties Australia Inc will be held during February and March 2021.

This year’s AGM does involve the election of office bearers whose term expires in 2021. The eAGM will consider – online – any major notices of motion and, as required by regulation, and will enable voting on the annual reports of CLA.

Only financial members as at 5 March 2021 can vote at the eAGM.  Click to renew your membership.

Formal voting will take place between 10 and 26 March, either by members using an e-token sent to them by email, or by posted ballot papers for the few members without an email address.  Like last year, this year CLA will use ElectionBuddy software to conduct the eAGM.

Please keep an eye out for eAGM emails, which will include the Annual Report for 2020 (including the Treasurer’s Report and Financial Statement) and the President’s Report.

PLEASE UPDATE your EMAIL ADDRESS if it has recently changed by logging into your account here or by sending a message to:  The ‘second’ member of a household membership might like to also confirm their email address by the same means.


The AGM timetable is:

  • 2 January -13 February – Call for motions from members (usually kept for major matters)
  • 14 February – Board consideration of proposed motions
  • 15 February – 5 March Nomination period for the Board
  • 15 February – 5 March – On-line discussion of any motions
  • 5 March –  Cut-off of membership to determine eligibility to vote at eAGM
  • 7 March – Board determines final wording of motions
  • 10 March – distribution of annual report/etc (and postal voting materials)
  • 10-26 March –  Voting period
  • 29 March – Declaration of results

Notice of Motions are usually kept for major matters: please contact the President Dr Kristine Klugman email: if you would like to discuss any issue.

Various papers for consideration at the eAGM can  be found here under Annual Reports

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