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Constitutionally calling Australia home

Constitutionally calling Australia home

The Editor, The Age: Your editorial “It`s time to cut racism from the constitution” (20 Jan 2012) contains a very telling point when it asks us to consider what message would be sent to Aborigines and Torres Strait Islanders (and to the world) if they are not acknowledged as Australia`s first peoples and racially discriminatory measures in the constitution are not eradicated .

Most Australians know, deep in their hearts, that our country`s wealth and prosperity flows from fact that we took the land from our nation`s Indigenous people and that, in the early stages, the cattle industry for example depended on their labour for its survival.

We are a better nation today since the constitution was formulated 1901. While elements of racism exist, an amended constitution would act as a guiding light to all Australians to joyfully “call Australia home”.

– Keith McEwan, CLA member, Castlemaine Vic

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