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Court to live-stream case for the first time

Court to live-stream case for the first time

The Supreme Court of WA will live stream a trial for the first time in the court’s history from Monday 16 July 2018.

The case is the civil trial arising from the bushfires at Mt Helena, Parkerville and Stoneville, WA, in January 2014.

Chief Justice Wayne Martin said web streaming provided a valuable mechanism to improve public access to the courts. “I have long held the view that courts should use technology now available to bring a real courtroom experience to many people in the community via the internet,” he said.

“This case has been selected to be the first trial to be streamed as it has involves multiple plaintiffs, many of whom live in the Hills region. By streaming the case, those individuals and other interested parties will be able to view the trial without having to attend court in Perth.”

Anyone can log on to the Supreme Court of WA website at to view the trial which starts at 10am. It is set down from 16 July – 31 August, and will be presided over by Justice Rene Le Miere.

The link will be on the Supreme Court’s home page, under the ‘What’s New’ banner.

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