Dec 2013: CLArion newsletter: Turning 10: highlights of CLA’s first decade as national campaigner for liberties, rights

CLA CLArion Monthly newsletter
CLA CLArion Monthly newsletter

CLA’s founding decade has been the toughest in Australia’s history: the battle continues against the fearmongers imprisoning personal liberties in the name of “protecting” our person and coastline.

  • Indonesian ‘spy’ gives the budget game away
  • CLA calls on Abbott to clarify torture statement
  • AG plans to consult…but only the chosen few
  • Anti-discrimination: we need one national law
  • Fighting with your spouse: simply JEO them!
  • Bikies can’t appear in court together: it’s illegal
  • Muslim women must uncover for police
  • Tribunal ups anti on vaccination group
  • Prisons bulge at the seams
  • China cuts executions (confirming CLA exclusive)
  • Stoning to death comes back into fashion

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