Dec 2017 newsletter: Prioritising needed for range of issues to be tackled in 2018

Dec 2017 newsletter: Prioritising needed for range of issues to be tackled in 2018

Aged care rights and freedoms of sportspeople and in sport are two issues that need greater attention in 2018…but what other matters should be prioritised, do you think?  The range of civil liberties and human rights issues that could/should be tackled is endless…but what important matters (being missed by other groups) need CLA to speak up about them?

Other items in this issue include:

  • S44 is only one of numerous Constitution clauses that need attention
  • Territorians should be free to make life choices
  • Sue Neill-Fraser case: stage is set in more ways than one
  • Age of reason going in two directions at once
  • Four-national trial to solve intimate images online problems
  • Miscarriages event highlights new ways ‘justice’ is failing
  • Forensics: list of errors and mistakes increases
  • US court shows how un-free comment is in Australia
  • ‘Whistleblower’ pill will tell a tale on you


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