December 2018: Politicians concentrate on fear-raising activities as police and security agencies escape close scrutiny and control

This time around we head into the annual news silly season from Christmas through January with a federal election all but called, and parliament on tilt. There’s a real danger that politicians and security agencies will escalate campaigns and raids around terrorism as well as crime to elevate community fear levels in trying to influence voting. We may be in for a rough time as irresponsible news outlets throw big banner headlines at circumstances where mental illness is as much to blame as radicalisation.

Also in this issue:

  • Australia has reversed the fundamental principle of intelligence gathering
  • Breaking encryption safeguards risks creating a surveillance state
  • ’They’ get it wrong again, as all charges against imprisoned student dropped
  • Eastman free after 30 years…but major questions remain over justice system
  • Couple finally receive compensation after being stunned by police
  • Victorian election swayed by preference ‘whispering’
  • UK Human Rights Act: how it ensured justice for the little guys
  • Murder’s electronic echo reverberates into courtroom

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