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Do governments engage in downskirting?

Do governments engage in downskirting?

As a truck driver I have seen some sights whilst driving. Sitting 3 metres up in the truck looking down into passing cars we get to see more than you thought possible!

Women and men who choose not the wear underwear, either completely or loose fitting shorts or skirts. I know myself I choose not to wear underwear when wearing sports shorts and sometimes things hang loose.

My point is that these new camera on the main roads and highways s take pictures directly into the driver’s seat looking right down into the crotch of drivers. So any exposed private parts would been seen easily. Which means that hundreds of photos are being taken by these cameras in NSW and Qld without permission in the so-called road safety program.

Who looks at these photos?

Does this not breach our rights to personal privacy.

I know what I’ve seen. But these cameras get a full on view. If I took a picture of woman or man with no underwear on and then sent it out I would be charged. How do governments get away with breaching our personal space in this way.

– David, truckie, Qld

Reply: David, governments make the rules, so they can make one rule for themselves, one for us punters. Taking “upskirt” photos by individuals is a crime. But” downskirting” from sky cameras by governments seems to be OK, as you say. Can you imagine how many photo collections of ‘naughty’ photos exist in police, spook and government files, on physical and digital noticeboards and the like?

Photo: Nine News Sydney

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