Does ‘bad’ law comprise treason?

I heard on some news program a couple of weeks ago that police were ordered to arrest people at an upcoming protest inMelbourne, I think. I thought it must have been a mistake. My son just told me that in The Age Sunday 15 12 2013, the Coalition has introduced more new statutes which of course are very open to interpretation and of course open to abuse by our politicians. My point is – and I’m one of millions wondering – how do we have our politicians charged with treason?

– Michael Camilleri, Victoria

Ed: You’d have to prove they did something that falls under the ‘treason’ definition in law. Many times politicians do things that half the population (sometimes 80%) think are stupid. The way to counter political stupidity is to get active politically yourself, and campaign to vote out of power any politician who does things you don’t agree with, and vote into power people who are likely to do things you do agree with. Ultimately, you have the right to stand for parliament yourself.

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