Dogs – mates – get taken by officialdom

To whom may be concerned:

On Friday 22 March 2013 two members of the Cairns Regional Council animal control department convinced a Queensland magistrate to sign a seizure warrant over my dogs, my family members, Charlie and Max.  It is alleged that there was a dog fight between my dogs and another dog on the front yard of my property. 

The two Cairns Regional Council employees came to my place of residence with two fully armed police officers and seized my dogs under threat of breaking down my door and taking the dogs. The police officers agreed they are within their right to do so under the seizure warrant they held and will enforce the warrant.

I put it to you that the law has been grossly abused by the two Cairns Regional Council employees. That the laws to seize dogs were put in place where a dog attacks a person and that these council employees have sought to manipulate these laws to appease their own egos. 

I further emphasize the gross intrusion on the rights of Australians and the pain this has caused to have your family, your loved ones, ripped from you at the whim of an alleged dog fight.

– DR McKenna BSc

 Does anyone else in Queensland, particularly Cairns and points north, have problem with council dog rangers?  Looks like a campaign to the Cairns Regional Council is needed.

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