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Dogs need doctors, too!

Dogs need doctors, too!

I think strange that us humans can claim on Medicare by presenting bill and then receiving a percentage of bill back but when we visit vet for pets we cannot claim one cent refund. A vet bill has an item number like a doctors bill. They all have 6 years medical training whether they are doctors for humans or pets.
I have had exorbitant expenses at vets but will not receive any refund whatsoever. This does not make any sense to me whatsoever. I have spoken with minister concerned with Medicare at Canberra but they dont seem to know or probably dont want to know. Even asked Medicare about it and they simply said we dont do vet bills etc etc. Now I cant hardly take my pets to the vet. This not right. Any suggestions what can be done. This a horrendous situation and I bet I am not the only person in Australia who feels the same way.

– Michelle Headlam, Victoria

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