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Dogs of warlet loose atAbu Ghraib

Dogs of war
let loose at
Abu Ghraib

The U.S. military’s highest court has scheduled oral arguments on 8 October 2009 on an appeal stemming from the abuse of detainees at Abu Ghraib prison in Iraq, AP reports. It will be fascinating to see whether the appeal is also against a dog-licking conviction.

Sgt. Michael Smith, an Army dog handler, is appealing the convictions which followed photographs of naked detainees in humiliating positions shocking the world in 2004.

Smith was sentenced in 2006 to 179 days in prison and reduced in rank to private for offenses that included letting his black Belgian shepherd bark and lunge at several prisoners for his own amusement. One photograph showed the dog, without a muzzle and straining on its leash, just inches from the face of a cowering prisoner.

However, the world has forgotten one of the charges against Smith, which received little publicity at the time (because of the worldwide horror at the main offences, abuse of detainees).

CHARGE V: Violation of the Uniform Code of Military Justice, Article 134 (Indecent Act with Another). Maximum penalties: Dishonorable Discharge; Forfeiture of all Pay and Allowances, and Confinement for five years. THE SPECIFICATION: In that Sergeant Michael J. Smith, US Army, at or near Baghdad Central Correctional Facility, Abu Ghraib, Iraq, on or about 15 November 2003 and on or about 15 January 2004, (did) wrongfully commit an indecent act with Sergeant Jay Burr and Specialist Jennifer Scala, by having his military working dog lick peanut butter off of genitals and Specialist Scala’s breasts as Sergeant Burr videotaped these acts.

Smith was found Guilty.

It is not known whether the military working dog was kenneled, fined or reduced in rank.


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