EFF warns over Oz surveillance plans

The Electronic Frontier Foundation, the world’s leading fighter for e-freedoms, says Australian Attorney-General Nicola Roxon is promoting a “wish-list of Australia’s intelligence agencies” in proposals for greater surveillance now before parliament. Polls show 96% of Australians are against the government plans more phone tapping, massive data retention by ISPs, and an expanding police and security state where even the innocent are monitored 24 hours a day.

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  1. This is an appalling attack on the privacy and civil liberties of all Australians.We are all being regarded as potential criminals which I find extremely offensive. What is the CLA doing about it? What does it propose doing about it? Please advise.

    Editor comment:CLA is lodging a submission to the Parliamentary Committee considering the issue. We are also lodging submissions, and appearing before, other relevant committees. We are publicising the issue. CLA invites anyone concerned about these matters to write to Attorney-General Nicola Roxon to express how they feel about things.

    Peter Burke

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