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Feb 2011 – Newsletter:   Review of spooks may slash overblown staffing, budgets

Feb 2011 – Newsletter: Review of spooks may slash overblown staffing, budgets

Six Australian intelligence agencies are under close scrutiny, with the likely outcome a significant cut in their excessive staffing and resources.  Meanwhile, CLA has urged PM Gillard to speak publicly in support of Australian citizen Julian Assange, and his right to free speech…but we hold little hope of her doing so, because the government has demonstrated it doesn’t listen to even what an overwhelming majority of its citizens want, such as a bill of rights, making the current round of official requests for consultation a waste of the community’s time.

Both Australians accused of terrorist-related activities, Mamdouh Habib and David Hicks, may yet emerge in a different light as new evidence comes to light. If so, stay-at-home Attorney-General Robert McClelland may be forced to try to further defend Australia’s patchy human rights record in Geneva, this time personally. The issues come full circle as the question of how well protected are whistleblowers and ‘deep-throat’ sources again struggles for air time.

Other topics covered in February include:

  • CLA AGM gets under way;
  • AG McClelland spits in the face of the UN;
  • Govt jumps before being pushed on commissioners;
  • Women forced to give up privacy for the pill;
  • AFPA trades away police rights and liberties…again?
  • Four charged over van death, as statistics emerge on courts;
  • UK waters down its control order regime;
  • US tries to build shield to hide lies, distortions;
  • US court rules email privacy protected by Bill of Rights;
  • Hungary forgets what freedom means; and
  • Airports likely to further tighten security.

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