Feb 2014: CLArion newsletter – TPP trade agreement to re-tilt balance between rule of law and corporate greed


Secretly negotiated, whizzing through parliament on behalf of the US, the TPP agreement is setting off flashing lights and alarm bells over Australia’s sovereignty versus corporations’ power.


This month includes articles on:

  • We must revisit basic Palmer principles on refugees
  • CLA asks AGs to back national Right-to-Appeal laws
  • Elections upcoming could shape nation for a decade
  • Secrecy begun under Whitlam continues under Abbott
  • Tribunal rebuke of ASIO is worrying indication
  • Howard, Ruddock ‘knew Hicks trial unfair’
  • No sex, please, we’re Australian
  • What cost ‘tough on crime’?
  • Prisoners and crime rates fall in USA
  • UN votes that people have privacy rights online
  • Drone operators away with the pixels?

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