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Feb 2016 newsletter: CLA letters call for  Royal Commission and Assange pardon

Feb 2016 newsletter: CLA letters call for Royal Commission and Assange pardon

CLA CLArion Monthly newsletter
CLA CLArion Monthly newsletter

In a big year for elections, CLA is calling for better justice via a Royal Commission in one state, and presidential pardons for three whistleblowers in the USA. 

South Australia is where the justice system apparently broke down for decades…and it has never been fixed: only a Royal Commission can fully and openly address the major issues involved.

Civil Liberties Australia believes President Obama should pardon Edward Snowden and Chelsea Manning for past ‘sins’ of whistleblowing, which actually benefited America, and Australia’s Julian Assange from any effects of a grand jury decision against him.

In other important developments, there are now new rules in Australia for expert witnesses in court; we question why David Hicks has never received an apology or compensation from the Australian government, which locked him up for a crime that did not exist; and the first tangible result emerges in our campaign for better justice.

Other items include:

  • Two judges to act as ‘journo shields’ are named
  • Secret surveillance: everyone wants to be in on the act
  • Senator Xenophon proposes pay-per-whistle scheme
  • Stiglitz says TPP is threat to health, environment and Paris accord
  • ‘Comfortably satisfied’: Essendon drug case is on the nose
  • Police state? ABS to keep all our names and addresses
  • Surveillance rises 60% in four years
  • Malaysian PM’s mysterious $1bn ‘gift’ repaid…except for $100m
  • ‘Snooper’s charter’ is useless, says former US security chief
  • World photo database expands
  • Police take to Apple to warn about ‘Eve teasing’


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