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Feb 2017 CLArion: Justice-legal ‘industry’  needs national structural reform inquiry

Feb 2017 CLArion: Justice-legal ‘industry’ needs national structural reform inquiry

NewsletterCLA has called on PM Turnbull and AG Brandis to launch a robust, thorough national inquiry into all aspects of the justice-legal sector, which urgently needs to modernise. There has been no better time in recent decades to hold such an inquiry,” CLA President Dr Kristine Klugman said.
New passport-airport technology will mean greater data holdings on all Australians, including facial, iris and fingerprints held in a vast central database. The move comes as even volunteers look like having to undergo extensive vetting to serve for free at the 2018 Commonwealth Games in Brisbane. The battle to try to safeguard our privacy will escalate this year, with CLA moving to bring others into its campaign to create new laws to protect our rights to our genes, and privacy in relation to our genes and dealings with bodies like insurance companies.
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