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The New Zealand Security Intelligence Service (SIS) has been remotely accessing – with the ability to control and manoeuvre – CCTV cameras in Auckland City.

It has enjoyed “round the clock access” to the network of cameras, thought to belong to Auckland Transport. They capture just about everyone and everything that moves.

A review from NZ’s Inspector-General of Intelligence and Security (IGIS), Brendan Horsely, found the service’s remote access and control of the CCTV cameras lawful.

He said the surveillance was targeted, and “in most cases” the people being watched were either SIS employees undertaking field surveillance, or the people for whom they had warrants to surveil. The cameras were not being used to carry out mass surveillance.

Pull the other leg, Civil Liberties Australia says. It is almost certain that the NZ SIS – and Australia’s ASIO and AFP, as well as state and NT police – have run similar mass surveillance trials to see whether the technology suits their purposes or not.

Multiple spook firm marketers will be trying to flog them super-cameras that can pick out a gnat on a nose from 1000 paces. Australia’s IGIS should investigate. CLA says.

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